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Failures in Concrete Structures- for free

Concrete Structures

It is fortunate that most reinforced and pre stressed concrete structures are indeterminate and allow alternative load paths to form and prevent failures that have not been foreseen in their design.

There is a worrying trend both in the design and construction of building structures. The material strength of both concrete and steel has continued to increase for the past century. At the same time, the overall safety factor used in the design is decreasing.

This trend is mainly caused by pressure to cut costs. Inevitably, the impact of this trend will come at a time when errors made in design and construction will not be absorbed into the global safety factor or the ability of structures to find alternative paths for loads.


This book is a personal choice of incidents that have occurred in connection with reinforced concrete structures and pre stressed concrete structures. Not everything led to failure, and some mistakes were discovered at the design stage. Each incident required some form of corrective action to ensure the safety of the structure.

Some of the accidents were caused by mistakes in design or construction, or both. Some were accompanied by the collapse of part of the structure, but the cause of such cases was from multiple unrelated mistakes and problems. Some of the errors and incidents were caused by deliberate intent.

Chapters1 through11 describe specific incidents such as structural misunderstandings, extrapolation of practice code, details, poor construction, and other factors. Chapters12 and 13 discuss issues related to procurement and research and development.

Care has been taken not to name the specific project in which the incident occurred, and the intention to provide information is to allow such mistakes to be understood and avoided in the future. This increased risk is not helped by changes in the form of contracts or contractual procedures. The provisions of health and safety, in the opinion of the authors, do not provide the necessary safety net.

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