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Fundamental Building Materials 4th Edition- for free

Building Materials

Traditionally, much of the knowledge of building materials has been acquired slowly through apprentice ships and pupil systems, but modern commercial pressures and the rapid changes of the 20th century have made it clear that these systems are too slow. This book attempts to provide a broad introduction to this very broad subject by an architect with 50 years of practice and teaching experience. The emphasis is on visual identification of materials through photographs of typical products. Understanding can only be enhanced when visual identification is established, and this is the basis for all communication within the industry. Personal observation of material usage, performance, and case studies is essential.

The Australian Building Code (BCA) was introduced in 1988 to replace the building codes of the individual states and simplify interpretation of the codes for manufacturers and those who often work across state lines. Amendments are still being made today. Because of the wide range of climatic conditions in Australia, including cyclonic winds, high temperatures and humidity, arid deserts, alpine snowfields, and pleasant coastal areas, several special provisions had to be included to cover these extremely diverse conditions. Generally speaking, Australia now complies with the National Construction Practices. There is also a standard specification called NATSPEC.

About the Book

Written by an architect with many years of experience in practice and education, this book of fundamental building materials is a well-illustrated introduction to the various materials used in much of the world’s architecture and construction. It is the only book of its kind on the market and is suitable for all those involved in teaching and research in architecture, building design, landscape design, structural engineering, and related disciplines.

When the first edition was published, reviewers commented that “this book filled a major gap in the publications available to both students and building professionals.”Now in its fourth edition (2009), the book incorporates many references to current standards, research, manufacturers, and other authoritative information on the Internet to further enhance the content as needed.

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