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Fundamentals of Electronics- pdf for free


Fundamentals of Electronics studies electronic components, electronic circuits and devices that contribute to the formation of electronic systems, as well as their characteristics. In electronic components, active components, passive components, semiconductors, and integrated circuits are studied.

Readers of this text are expected to be familiar with the common passive elements of linear circuit analysis (resistors, inductors, capacitors, and transformers) and idealized linear active elements (independent and dependent voltage and current sources). Un fortunately, the field of electronics makes extensive use of active elements that do not necessarily fall into the above categories. These active elements can operate either linearly or nonlinearly, depending on the application of the circuit.

About the Book

This book, Electronic Devices and Circuit Applications, is the first of four volumes in Fundamentals of Electronics. The book consists of four chapters that describe the basic operation of each of the four basic components of modern electronics: operational amplifiers, semiconductor diodes, bipolar junction transistors, and field-effect transistors. The focus is on giving the reader a clear understanding of each device as it operates in equilibrium.

In addition, the basic concepts of studying electronic circuits are developed at a fundamental level in this book to reduce the possibility of misunderstanding at a higher level. The differences between linear and non linear operation are explored through a variety of circuit examples, including amplifiers with operational amplifiers as the basic building blocks and elementary digital logic gates composed of various types of transistors. Fundamentals of Electronics is intended primarily for students in the electrical engineering department, with an emphasis on electronic It is designed for use in advanced courses in engineering.

Typically, such a course spans an academic year consisting of two or three semesters. Therefore, “Electronic Devices and Circuit Applications” and two sub sequent books, “Amplifiers: Analysis and Design “and” Active Filters and Amplifiers. Frequency Response “are suitable materials for such a course. Secondary uses include use in a one-semester electronics course for engineers and as a reference book for practicing engineers.

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