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GPS Theory: Algorithms and Applications 2nd Edition


GPS is a global positioning system based on satellite technology; the basic technology of GPS is to measure the distance between a receiver and several satellites that are observed simultaneously. The positions of the satellites are predicted and broad cast to the user along with the GPS signal.

Through several known positions (satellite positions) and the measured distances between the receiver and the satellites, the receiver’s position can be determined. The change in position is the receiver’s velocity; the most important uses of GPS are positioning and navigation.

After decades of development, global positioning system is now well known even to elementary school students. global positioning system has been very widely applied in several fields such as air, sea, and land navigation, low earth orbit (LEO) satellite orbit determination, static and kinematic positioning, flight status monitoring, as well as surveying, etc. global positioning system has become a necessity in daily life, industry, research, and education.

About the Book

The content of this book covers the theory, algorithms, and applications of Static GPS, Kinematic GPS, and Dynamic GPS. Most of the content is derived from the description of the source code of Kinematic/Static GPS Software (KSG soft) developed at GFZ before and during the EU AGMASCO project.

Most of the principles described here have been applied in practice and have been carefully modified from a theoretical aspect. Some of the content has been studied as a theoretical basis and is being developed at GFZ as part of the quasi-real-time applied to GFZ’s global positioning system orbit determination software.

The original purpose of writing such a book was to have it as a handbook for myself and as a reference for friends and students I worked with in Denmark. The desire to accurately describe the theory came from my mathematical education. My extensive geodesic research experience has led me to treat most of the topics in detail.

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