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Green Building with Concrete Sustainable Design and Construction- free

green building

Sustainable construction and the progress of the green building movement over the past decade have spurred a detailed examination of building materials and practices around the world. The Port l and cement and concrete industry plays a critical role in achieving the goal of reducing society’s environmental foot print on the earth and in the atmosphere.

This book provides insight into the new legal, technical, and social developments that will guide the implementation of green building and its impact on the construction industry. It includes a detailed assessment of the carbon dioxide and other emissions associated with cement production, the properties that concrete can provide to the green building movement, and the impact of life cycle analysis on the role of concrete in this important revolution in the building industry.

About the Book

This book will provide up-to-date information on the history of concrete, state-of-the-art methods, and best practices in the green building movement. It will attract a large reader ship. As a textbook for use in college courses and industry training; as a handbook for contractors who want to use concrete to assist in obtaining environmental certification; as a guide for professionals who want an overview of concrete and green building, and for professionals in the building materials/construction materials industry, It can be considered as a reference book for the industry.

The concept of green building is the result of a decade-long effort to define exactly what it means. Studies, white papers, articles, and seminars have been conducted on the role of concrete in green building efforts. To date, no single book provides an overview of all available information. This book discusses the history of cement production and concrete use and provides background don today’s practices.

Ongoing pressure to reduce waste in the construction industry has led to an increase in the amount of concrete recycled and reused. Structural rehabilitation and reuse are the least wasteful options. This document describes various easy and in expensive ways to reuse concrete. The precast industry is working to lease concrete products for recycling and/or reuse.

This book was originally written as a textbook for college courses and concrete industry continuing education courses taught by the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA): Green Building with Concrete.

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