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Handbook of Mechanical Engineering Terms 2nd Edition- for free

Mechanical Engineering

This book is a revised edition of the “HANDBOOK OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING TERMS. HANDBOOK OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING TERMS” is expected to be are source for students, faculty, and practicing engineers in the field of mechanical engineering. Approximately 350 terms have been added to this revised edition. Every effort has been made to include terms currently in use.

About the Book

This handbook is an up-to-date, authoritative, and concise compilation of important terms related to the broad field of mechanical engineering. The purpose of this handbook is twofold. First, it focuses on the most important terms in current use and provides brief descriptions of them. This handbook will give the reader a true and complete understanding and background of the meaning of terms that sooner or later will be necessary in any profession or trade.

This handbook stands apart from other books of its class. It is by dividing this book into 26 parts. These parts cover most areas of mechanical engineering. In each part, the various terms are listed in alphabetical order.

Second, this book can be used as a general reference for students and engineers in various courses and disciplines related to mechanical engineering. This book provides a single convenient source of brief descriptions scattered throughout various textbooks, reference books, handbooks, and journals.

Every effort has been made to include terms in current use. All definitions are expressed as clearly and simply as possible. Every care has been taken to avoid errors. Suggestions and comments from readers are cordially invited for further improvement of this handbook.

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