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Handbook of Undergraduate Engineering Programs- for free


There are several ways for students to explore the various engineering majors. One is through the freshman/sophomore seminar program and departmental seminars, and another is through “Fundamentals of Engineering.”

As is the case for students at any university, the first few weeks of school can be exciting and over whelming. For new students, everything is new, and during orientation and as the academic year begins, you will be immersed in a constant stream of academic information, along with bits of Stanford culture; for sophomores, you will be learning about more specialized studies, but there will still be much to discover.

This handbook will help you with your academic choices and provide perspective on the Stanford School of Engineering.

About the Book

This handbook provides information about the Stanford University Engineering Program for the 2012-2013 academic year in one place. Here you will find details on undergraduate requirements, departmental and program requirements, declaring an engineering major, transferring engineering coursework from another school, applying for a change of requirements, and administrative procedures for graduation. There are also descriptions of opportunities and programs important to engineering students, such as study abroad, summer research scholar ships, diversity programs, and job placement services.

The handbook is updated annually before classes begin in the fall. Undergraduate students may graduate using the requirements outlined in the handbook published during their undergraduate studies in order to enter the College of Engineering at various points in their Stanford careers.

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