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Higher Engineering Mathematics 6th Edition- for free

Engineering Mathematics

Engineering mathematics is a branch of applied mathematics concerned with mathematical methods and techniques commonly used in engineering and industry. It is sometimes included in the broader category of engineering sciences, along with fields such as engineering physics and engineering geology.

Engineering mathematics is an interdisciplinary subject that requires engineers to consider practical, theoretical, and other considerations outside their expertise and to address the constraints on their ability to do their jobs effectively.

About the Book

Now in its 6th edition, Higher Engineering Mathematics is a well-respected textbook that has helped thousands of students succeed in their examinations. John Bird’s approach is ideal for students with a wide range of academic backgrounds, allowing them to progress at their own pace.

Mathematical theory is examined in the simplest of terms and supported by practical examples and applications from a variety of engineering disciplines to help the reader apply theory to practice. This extensive and thorough topic coverage makes this book ideal for university degree modules, foundation degrees, and HNC/D units.

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