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Introduction to Precision Machine Design and Error Assessment- for free

Machine Design

Machine design is an important discipline that encompasses the creation, development, and optimization of mechanical systems and components. It involves the application of engineering principles, scientific knowledge, and practical considerations to design machines that meet specific objectives. By incorporating machine design services, engineers and manufacturers can leverage the knowledge and experience of experts in this field to develop innovative and optimized solutions.

About the Book

This book is the result of several years of teaching on a variety of topics. The book was written to meet the growing need of mechanical engineers and others to understand design process issues, with a particular focus on the majority of errors associated with precision design, machine diagnostics, error modeling, and compensation.

This book is a necessary complement to existing books on precision mechanical design. The chapters are written by international experts in their respective fields. It is designed to cover the main topics of any course in precision machine design.

The book introduces the principles and related physical aspects of precision machine design, design strategies for various kinematic concepts and scales, and most types of errors. The book consists of eight chapters dealing with specific topics. It is suitable for Level 3 students and students pursuing a master’s degree in mechanical or aerospace engineering.

Topics covered in this book include:

  • Introduction to machine design principles for standard and micro scale series motion machines and parallel motion machine design.
  • Precision control required for machines, actuation, and sensing.
  • Introduction to the most available errors and their various aspects in machines, with emphasis on thermal errors.
  • Error modeling and global budgeting.

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