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Introduction to the Design and Behavior of Bolted Joints 4th Edition – for free


There are two types of bolted joints, depending on the direction of the external force or load acting on the joint. If the line of force acting on the joint is parallel to the axis of the bolt, the joint is said to be subjected to a tensile load and is called a tension joint.

If the line of action of the load is more or less perpendicular to the axis of the bolt, the joint is subjected to shear loads and is referred to as a shear joint. Some joints with stand a combination of tensile and shear loads and are named after the greater of the tensile or shear load.

The distinction between tensile and shear joints is important. This is because the two types differ in the way they respond to loads, the way they fail, and the way they are assembled. In general, as far as behavior and failure are concerned, tensile joints are more complex and are the more common type of joint.

About the Book

This book is an introduction to the design and behavior of bolted joints and hopes to be useful to designers, assemblers, and users of such joints, as well as to the analysis and prevention of joint failures. Because of the complexity of this subject, the two-volume text of over 1,000 pagesis only an introduction.

However, the information presented here should be all that many or most people need. The numerous references at the end of each chapter will serve as a guide for those who need or want to learn more.

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