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JavaScript: The Definitive Guide Master The Worlds Most Used Programming Language- for free


JavaScript is the programming language of the web. The over whelming majority of websites use JavaScript, and every modern web browser on desktops, tablets, and cell phones includes a Java Script interpreter, making JavaScript the most used programming language in history In the past decade, Node Builder has become the most popular programming language in the world.

In the past decade, Node.js has enabled JavaScript programming outside of web browsers, and Node’s dramatic success means that JavaScript is also the most used programming language among software developers today.  Whether you are starting from scratch or already using JavaScript professionally, this book will help you master JavaScript.

About the Book

This book covers the JavaScript language and the JavaScript API as implemented in web browsers and Node, and is intended for readers with programming experience who want to learn JavaScript, as well as for programmers who are already using JavaScript but want to further their understanding and Written for programmers who really want to master the language.

The goal of this book is to document the JavaScript language comprehensively and clearly, and to present in detail the most important client-side and server-side APIs available to JavaScript programs. As a result, this book is long and detailed. I hope, however, that this book rewards careful study and that the time spent reading it can be easily recouped in the form of increased programming productivity.

Previous editions of this book included a comprehensive reference section. Now that up to date references can be found quickly and easily online, we feel that there is no longer any point in including such material in print. If you need to look up anything related to core or client-side JavaScript, I encourage you to visit the MDN website. And for the server-side Node API, I suggest you go directly to the source and consult the Node.js reference documentation.

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