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Machine Elements: Life and Design By Boris M.Klebanov- for free


Focusing on how machines “feel” and behave during operation, “Machine Elements”: Life and Design” seeks to give an intellectual and emotional understanding of the “life” of machines. It aims to explain in detail how machine elements work, to form an empathetic attitude toward machines, and to ensure their health through more careful and appropriate design.

About the Book

This book describes the in-operation behavior of several machine elements based on decades of accumulated understanding of machine design. We have endeavored to describe the mechanisms of interaction between the participants in motion in as much detail and depth as the scope of our knowledge and the volume of this book permit.

This book is primarily intended for beginners in mechanical engineering. Undoubtedly, experienced engineers will also find a wealth of useful material. However, we conceived this work primarily with the beginner in mind. We well remember that after college we entered the engineering profession without knowing where to start. Indeed, because of the numerous and complex nature of the processes involved in working machines, there is still much we do not know. Nevertheless, we hope that thoughtful engineers will learn much from our experiences.

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