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One Two Three… Infinty: Facts and Speculations in Science- for free


Books on science tend to become out dated within a few years of publication, especially in rapidly developing scientific fields. In this sense, we were lucky to have “One Two Three….Infinity Facts and Speculations in Science “was fortunate. Because it was written shortly after an important scientific advance and that advance was included in the text, relatively few changes or additions were necessary to bring it up to date.

Whatever your level of scientific expertise, you will find much pleasure, stimulation, and information in this unusual and imaginative book. This book should be in the library of everyone who is curious about the wonders of the scientific universe.

George Gamow, one of the world’s leading atomic physicists (known for his theories of radioactive decay, among other things), had a unique talent for making the world of science accessible to the general reader.

About the Book

This book began as an attempt to collect the most interesting facts and theories of modern science and to provide the reader with a complete picture of the micro and macro universe as seen by modern scientists. In carrying out this broad scheme, I did not attempt to give the full story. I knew that such an attempt would inevitably result in a multi-volume encyclopedia. At the same time, I chose the topics to be covered in order to provide a brief survey of the entire field of basic scientific knowledge.

Because the subjects were chosen not for their simplicity but for their importance and interest, there was inevitably some variation in their presentation. Some chapters in this book are so simple that even a child can understand them, while others require a bit of concentrated study to fully comprehend. It is hoped, however, that the lay reader will not encounter too many serious difficulties in reading this book.

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