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Physical Science Grade11- for free

Physical Science

Physical science investigates physical and chemical phenomena and explains and predicts events in the physical environment through scientific inquiry and the application of scientific models, theories, and laws. The subject also addresses society’s need to understand how the physical environment works in order to benefit from and responsibly care for it.

Indigenous knowledge also plays a major role in innovation and development and is part of physical science research. Indigenous knowledge is the knowledge that communities had, used, and still use, and this knowledge has been passed down through generations and has been the source of many technological innovations. Physical science promotes knowledge and skills in scientific inquiry and problem solving.

When we look at all of nature out there, at all of the manufactured things around us, or look up at what is out there in the universe, we cannot help but be amazed at the amazing diversity and complexity of life.

The physical universe truly encompasses an incredible amount of complexity. But even more astonishing than this complexity is the fact that things in the physical universe can be known. We can investigate them, analyze them, and understand them. It is this ability to understand the physical universe that allows us to transform elements and enable technological progress.

About the Book

The only restriction is that the cover, title, content, and short codes of this book may not be changed. This book is derived from the original Free High School Science Textbook written by volunteer scholars, educators, and industry professionals.

This textbook was developed with corporate social investment funds from MMI Holdings.

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