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Pile driving rigs have become common place equipment on construction sites in cities and towns today. The continued introduction of new, more powerful, self-propelled machines for installing piled foundations has transformed the economics of this form of construction in ground conditions where, in the past, conventional spread or raft foundations would have been considered first and piling would have been employed only as a last resort in difficult ground.

The increased adoption of pile driving is not only due to the availability of more efficient mechanical equipment. The development of analytical methods for bearing capacity calculations and dynamic methods for loading and integrity testing has better ensured sound long-term performance.

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Pile driving is both an art and a science. The art is in selecting the type of pile and the method of installation that best suits the ground conditions and the form of the load. Science allows one to predict the behavior of the piles once they are in the ground and under load. This behavior cannot be predicted solely from the physical properties of the pile and undisturbed ground, as it is greatly influenced by the method of pile installation. Knowledge of available pile types and pile foundation installation methods is essential for a scientific understanding of pile behavior.

For this reason, the authored scribes the many types of proprietary and non-proprietary piles and the equipment used to install them, prior to the chapters dealing with the calculation of allow able loads on piles and their deformation behavior. Significant progress has been made in recent years in the development of methods for predicting pile behavior under lateral loading.

This is important in the design of foundations for deep water terminals for oil tankers and oil carriers, and for offshore platforms for gas and oil production. Therefore, issues related to lateral loading of piles are dealt with in detail in this publication. The problems related to lateral loading of piles are dealt with in detail in this book.

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