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Plane and Geodetic Surveying By Aylmer Johnson- for free

Geodetic Surveying

Geodetic surveying is a branch of surveying that deals with areas so extensive that the true shape and dimensions of the earth must be considered. Its primary purpose is not to determine the exact shape of the earth, but to establish very precise and exacting controls to coordinate all other surveying. This point is often over looked and the scientific aspect is emphasized to the detriment of the more practical aspects. While it is true that the dimensions of the earth must be known to permit accurate calculation of position, it is also clear that geodetic triangulation is necessary before those dimensions can be determined.

More than any other engineering discipline, surveying is a practical, hands-on art. It is impossible to become an expert in surveying, or even a competent surveyor, without using actual surveying instruments and processing actual data.

On the other hand, it is definitely possible to become a very useful surveyor without reading anything more theoretical than the surveying instrument manufacturer’s instruction manual. What, then, is the purpose of this book?

About the Book

Plane and Geodetic Surveying is an ideal book for students of surveying, blending theory and practice, conventional techniques and GPS. Detailed guidance is given on how and when to use the major surveying instruments (theodolites, total stations, levels, and GPS).

The content of this book is based on a surveying course I teach in the Faculty of Engineering attheUniversityof Cambridge, and I am grateful to the many colleagues who have contributed to previous editions of Survey Notes, on which this book is based.

The philosophy of engineering education in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Cambridge is that an understanding of the basic principles of a subject is the key to keeping abreast of the changes that technology inevitably brings, and to making appropriate changes when technology allows them.

We hope that this publication will help in this regard. We hope that this book succeeds in applying that philosophy to surveying science and that it will be of value to those who read it.

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