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Power electronic is an interdisciplinary area that integrates the principles of electrical engineering, electronics, and control engineering to study the conversion, control, and management of electric power. The main objective of power electronics is to devise efficient, compact, and economical technologies for converting and regulating electrical energy between different forms. The importance of this field is rapidly increasing due to the accelerating expansion of renewable energy sources, electric vehicles, and smart grid technologies.

This book is an attempt to meet the needs of the rapidly growing number of engineers involved in power semiconductor module products. It is impossible to cover each of these technologies in detail in a single book. This book presents the essential aspects of each technology based on the authors’ past experience. It represents the basic knowledge and fundamentals required.

About the Book

This book that brings together the essential elements of these technologies is long overdue. Power Electronic Modules:

Design and Manufacture fills that void. It covers not only the basic technologies, but also the latest advances in these areas. Organized into three main sections, coverage begins with discussions on the materials used and their key properties, including a comparison of those properties with the requirements of high-performance, cost-effective power modules and the pros and cons of selected materials. The focus then shifts to manufacturing processes and quality control.

The authors outline each key manufacturing operation and its corresponding inspection techniques and include two detailed manufacturing flow charts, one for the standard approach and one for a new all-solder approach.

The final section of the book examines actual samples based on four different designs. The authors compare these samples in terms of thermal-electrical performance, thermal-mechanical performance, physical characteristics, and cost. The growing importance of power modules has led to numerous but scattered journal and conference articles. Clearly written, authoritative, and well organized, this is a practical, up-to-date reference that forms a unique, one-stop handbook for their design and manufacture.

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