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Prestressed Concrete Design to Eurocodes- For Free

Concrete Design

Reinforced concrete design to EuroCode includes more than sixty design examples and more than six hundred diagrams, plans and charts. This chapter has been completely revised to the EuroCode and covers the design problems most commonly encountered in structural concrete.

  • Fully consistent with Eurocode2, and the relevant parts of Eurocode1 and 8
  • Examples of challenges often encountered in professional practice worked perfectly
  • Detailed coverage of post-tensioned structures
  • Extensive application range in flat slab design using finite element method
  • Examples of pre-and post-tension bridge design
  • Introduction of earthquake-resistant design usingEC8


The purpose of this book is to help students and professional engineers design pre stressed concrete structures using Eurocodes1, 2 and 8. It is assumed that the reader is familiar with the design of reinforced concrete structures.

It is suitable not only for professional engineers who are familiar with pre stressed concrete design, but also for use in university courses, because it contains enough introductory materials.

The Eurocode related to structural concrete design is a very substantive document, and the current book is kept at manageable length, mainly by confining attention to rules related to pre stressed concrete design. We will explain all the important sections in detail and explain their usage with rich examples.

A complete calculation is given for all numerical examples. Thanks acknowledgements have been extended to the following individuals and organizations for help in writing the book:

  • Mr. Paul Stain rod and his staff from CCL Ltd for many of the picture is reproduced in the book.
  • Hans Rudolf Gantz, Renata Kunz Tambrino and Christine Muller-Sintz talk about many of the photographs reproduced in the book of VSL Ltd systems.
  • Ms. Birgit Etzold-Curl of Dywidag pre-stress system for many of the photos reproduced in the book. Ken McColl, Computer Manager, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Glasgow, helps with computational problems.
  • Professor Simon Wheeler, Head of the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Glasgow, for Support and Encouragement
  • Dr.Lee Cunningham, senior structural engineer at Black pool Council for technical help.
  • My family: Sheila, Arun, Ranjana, Sujata and Amit, for constant encouragement and moral support.
  • UK Standards Agency for permission to quote from Eurocodes.

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