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Prestressed Concrete 5th Edition- for free

Prestressed Concrete

The main purpose of this new edition of Prestressed Concrete is to take in to account the significant changes made in the new edition of the Australian Standard for Concrete Structures published in 2018 and the revised second edition published in 2021.

The changes include modifications to rectangular stress block parameters for flexural strength calculations, modifications to shear and torsion design provisions, and changes to safety factors for ultimate strength design that result in a slight reduction in the overall safety margin for the design. We have also taken the opportunity to correct minor errors and reorganize the material in Appendix B, which deals with the effects of creep and shrinkage on prestressed flexural members, to make it more directly applicable to the design process.

About the Book

This book accompanies the recently published 2007edition of Fundamentals of Reinforced Concrete 4, which thoroughly addresses the analysis and design of reinforced concrete structures and members.

This third edition maintains a basic and rational approach to the analysis and design of prestressed concrete. While this book is based on the reinforced concrete approach, it integrates it with the fundamentals of the reinforced concrete approach. For detailed design, both books refer to the requirements of the new edition of the Australian Concrete Standard AS 3600-2009.

One of the main objectives of the first edition of this book was to present a rational and unified approach to the analysis and design of prestressed concrete, thus giving designers the freedom to choose from a full range of design options, including reinforced concrete and appropriate levels of pre stressing The purpose of this document is to provide a rational and unified approach to the design of reinforced concrete structures. A further objective of this document was to present a rational selection method for pre stressing levels that optimizes working loads and economics. This objective is reflected in its full title: Pre stressed Concrete: with emphasis on partial prestressing1.

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