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Project Scheduling Handbook- For Free

Project Scheduling Handbook

Project scheduling and production management is one of the most lucrative careers in the modern American construction industry. Lenders, owners, contractors, developers, project teams, inspectors, designers, engineers, suppliers, and many others play an integral role in the construction process.

The project scheduler plays a critical role in determining whether the construction schedule will be profitable or a financial disaster.

The project scheduler plays a major role in making the production schedule profitable or a financial fiasco. As a construction management professional with a 20-yearcareer, I see this business from the inside out. The construction industry is very competitive and you must be aggressive and smart to succeed.

The construction industry has changed dramatically over the last few decades. From companies that once dominated the market by size, bidding, and bonding power to the modern, slimmer, and down sized firms that we see today. These contractors are known in the industry as paper contractors because they deal only in paper.

We also call them smart. They use no tools, no trucks, no employees. Their formula for success is simple: tough bids + low over head = work orders. And they make a profit through quick production with CPM scheduling. These paper contracting firms are currently experiencing significant growth in the construction industry. This is due to their efficiency in construction project execution.


This book (Project Scheduling Handbook) is dedicated to the 21st century American builder. The buildings that you work on and bring into existence will be a legacy lasting decades beyond your lifespan. You are constructing the buildings for our children’s children. Someday you will drive away for the last time and other people will live there, but it will always be your house.

This book and software package is unique in that it addresses specialized techniques of project scheduling never before available. The software included in this book contains the essential sorts (summary reports) for CPM network scheduling, and these are integrated to provide a network schedule with built-in program logic. You enter the data and the computer does the work. By using these software programs and repeated exposure to this book, the reader will become more efficient and more marketable in professional project scheduling. The skills learned in this book are applicable to any production project scheduler.

The skills learned in this book are applicable to any production-type project scheduler.

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