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Python Data Science- pdf for free


Python is a well-known, high-level, object-oriented programming language used by many software designers and data scientists worldwide, structured by Gid Van Rossum in 1991and further developed by the Python Software Company. Despite the existence of many OOP languages, the main reason for building this language was to emphasize code consistency, logical and numerical processing (e.g.NumPy, SymPy, Orange) Python’s syntax is simple and short; Python is an open source and versatile language and supports a large standard library.

Python is a widely useful programming language and is well known in the field of information science. Organizations around the world use Python to gather and focus pieces of knowledge from information.

In today’s society, every business is concerned with the security, management, and usefulness of data. All well-known companies are playing with data, using complex Python algorithms to store, manipulate, and process data to retrieve useful information and use it profitably for their business.

Have you ever considered that a Facebook pixel could retarget you on your profile page with the same products you viewed on an e-commerce site? Or Google recommendations based on previously visited locations? More recently, Android’s voice recognition or Apple’s Sirican accurately understand your voice signals and respond accordingly. All of these high-tech products have algorithms and complex machine language code structured by Python.

About the Book

This comprehensive Python book is for data scientists. The book has a collection of amazing approaches to storing and managing information and accommodating informatics devices to direct your own investigations.

This book, Python Data Science, is the ultimate guide for beginners to learn the fundamentals of data science using Python and provides a special approach to learning this high-level language to equip you with a complete way to use Python for big data management. With the rapid development of technology, every organization needs a highly efficient system for processing data to achieve desired results. This in-depth book features comprehensive knowledge of data science, Python data structures, standard libraries, data science frameworks, and predictive modeling in Python.

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