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Python Machine Learning A Step by Step- for free

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a data analysis technique that can automate the process of building analytical models. It is also a branch of artificial intelligence, based on the overall idea that a system can learn from the data presented to it, identify patterns in it, and make its own decisions without human intervention in the process.

Because the world is full of new computing technologies, machine learning as we know it today is actually different from the machine learning we have seen in the past. Machine learning was born out of the idea of a form that recognizes patterns and allows computers to actually learn and perform tasks specifically without the need for a programmer. Re searchers who were interested in some of the things we could do with artificial intelligence also wanted to see if machines could learn from given data.

About the Book

In this guidebook, we will begin with an introduction to machine learning that will help you understand what machine learning is, some of the options that even beginners can do with machine learning, why you should use or learn machine learning, and how machine learning and artificial intelligence are the same and different. This will give you a rough introduction to what this process is and how you can use it as you read through this guidebook.

From there, we’ll delve a little deeper into the Python language with a crash course in coding in Python, and if you’ve never learned Python before or want to dive into machine-learning without having to learn a new language, this part is for you.

We will look at several topics, including what Python is, how to download it on different operating systems, how to write conditional statements, how to generate and manage your own exceptions, OOP and functions, and other basic pieces of Python code.

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