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Quality Management in Construction- For Free


Construction projects involve many participants, including the client, designers, contractors, and many other construction-related industry professionals. Each of these participants is involved in the implementation of quality in construction projects. These participants, in addition to the “other players” involved in the construction process, influence and depend on each other. As a result, construction projects are more complex and technical, requiring extensive efforts to reduce rework and costs associated with time, materials, and technology.

The first edition published in 2010. The response was encouraging and many people appreciated a book that was dedicated to quality management in construction projects. Since it published, ISO 9000: 2008 has been revised and ISO 9000: 2015 has published. The new edition will focus on risk-based thinking which must be considered from the beginning and throughout the project life cycle. There are quality-related topics such as Customer Relationship, Supplier Management, Risk Management, Quality Audits, Tools for Construction Projects, and Quality Management that were not covered in the first edition. Furthermore, some figures and tables needed to be updated to make the book more comprehensive.


This book has been developed to provide professional practitioners involved in construction projects and construction-related industries with important information on quality issues, including the importance of quality, various quality management principles, procedures, concepts, methods, tools, and construction It emphasizes their application to various activities/components/subsystems at various stages of the project life cycle, with the aim of improving the construction process, managing projects conveniently, and making projects more qualitative, competitive, and economical.

This publication contains material and information useful for students interested in acquiring knowledge about quality in the areas of construction projects, quality engineering, construction management, and project management.

In addition, this publication provides scholars with specific information on the practices that take place on construction projects.

The data discussed and derived in this book are due to the authors’ practical and professional experience in the construction field, with a focus on quality in the design and construction process. Reference is also made to the writings of prominent quality “philosophers” who have dominated the quality movement. Their ideas and approaches to dealing with specific quality issues have become part of the common knowledge in the quality field.

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