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Residential Cellular Concrete Building- for free


Concrete cellular construction is widely used in housing. Although structurally simple in concept, attention to detail is necessary to achieve ease of construction and economy to be achieved, attention to detail must be paid.

There are three main systems for cellular concrete structures: tunnel, cross-wall, and twin-wall. For any of these systems, early involvement of a specialty manufacturer or supplier can provide expert advice and experience. Specialized manufacturers and suppliers can maximize the efficiency, productivity, ease of installation, and cost-effectiveness of the systems in your project. The various systems are described below and discussed in more detail in subsequent chapters.

Another system available for prisons is one in which four cells are cast as one volumetric unit, along with all furniture, sanitary ware, and services. This is a specialized product and all design and detailing will be done by the supplier. Details are provided in Appendix A.

About the Book

This guide is written for structural engineers who have some knowledge of general building construction but little or no experience designing concrete cellular structures. The guide addresses areas that require close coordination between structural engineers, service engineers, architects, and key system suppliers.

It also provides guidance on selecting appropriate solutions, sizing the structure, and performing detailed design. It also discusses detailed design considerations that must be taken in to account early in the project to achieve an efficient building configuration. (See Figure1.1). To get a better impression of cellular architecture, imagine several boxes stacked on top of each other. Each box can be thought of as a cell with walls, soffits, and floors. The term cellular structure refers to cellular buildings in which the walls of the cells are the structural elements.

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