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Road Construction Enthusiast Color Series- PDF for free

Road construction

Road construction is the process of placing soil stabilizers, asphalt, concrete, and other materials along a defined route to create a smoothed or paved surface on which vehicles can travel between two destinations.

A road construction team consists of many players. The bull dozer is the tough guy who removes tree stumps and levels the ground.

He levels the ground. The excavator is the digger. They cut and remove large amounts of earth and dig drainage lines. The next scraper cuts and fills. In other words, they remove soil from higher areas and transport it to lower areas. Graders follow as finishing machines.

Their job is to give the dirt road a final smooth finish before paving. Pavers pave the road with asphalt or concrete. Rollers and compactors finish the job, ensuring that the road surface is smooth and reliable. Also featured are milling machines that chew up old roads and pave them. So put on your hardhat, lace up your boots, and let’s take a closer look at these amazing pieces of equipment.

The bulldozer is probably the most well-known construction machine in the world. More commonly referred to as “dozers,” they are the go-anywhere, do-anything members of the construction team. Along with excavators, dozers are the first mechanized equipment to arrive at a new construction site. Transporting the dozer to the site is a tricky proposition due to its size. The dozer weighs 200,0001 pounds and must be transported by truck because its steel cleat treads will tear up any road.

The trailer used to transport this monster is specially built on a very low platform with multiple tires to dis tribute the load evenly. The low platform is necessary because of the height of the dozer being loaded. It will not be missed on the road as it will be towed by a diesel tractor and accompanied by an additional vehicle with a “wide load” warning sign.

About the Book

Muscular bulldozers cut through rocks, trees, and dirt. Huge excavators cut through hills and mountains. Specialized scrapers and graders level the road bed. Steaming pavers create new pavement. This book provides a full-color introduction to the huge machines that build our nation’s highways.

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