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Self-Healing Composite Materials From Design to Applications Khan- for free


Whether natural or synthetic, materials that are used until the end of their useful life are subject to deterioration. As structural materials are used repeatedly, they are prone to micro cracks on their surfaces, leading to sudden rupture and failure. Under these circumstances, repairing the same material and producing it again with the desired efficiency is not a reliable option.

Scientists have taken their cue from the natural process of blood coagulation in the human body, but incorporating the same concept in to structural materials is not possible due to the difficult nature of the healing process. Self-healing materials are those that, when damaged, restore structural integrity without leaving traces of damage. Self-healing is the ability of a material to automatically recover from defects without leaving traces of defects or damage on its surface. In naturally occurring or man-made materials, materials do not exhibit self-healing properties.

About the Book

Self-healing is the ability of a material to recover or repair mechanical damage. This book describes self-healing composite materials, which have received the most attention for a variety of applications. Inspired by natural systems, scientists have attempted to create engineered materials with self-healing properties.

This book covers the design and general principles of self-healing polymers through various approaches. It also highlights and evaluates recent research on self-healing materials in a variety of applications, including coatings, aerospace, conductive devices, and biological and pharmaceutical applications. This book will help researchers, scientists, and industrialists understand the need for the use of self-healing composite materials in the development of various biologically useful and environmentally friendly products.

Characterization of self-healing composite materials plays an important role in identifying their potential in a variety of practical applications. This document details the fundamental properties of self-healing composites, including physical properties, density, and dimensional stability, and provides indicators of weight reduction, shrinkage, and swelling of the composite materials.

This sustainable material has great potential to penetrate market segments such as auto motive, marine, aerospace, construction, wind energy, and consumer goods. The book includes a wealth of examples and real-world products that meet the needs of the market.

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