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Site engineers operate in an increasingly technical andl egal environment. It is our hope that this book will serve as a road map to guidey outhrough this complex journey. While this book is essentially intended for site engineers, it also includes basic design information where appropriate.

About the Book

Site engineers work in an increasingly technical and legal environment. It is hoped that this book will guide you along that complex journey. This form has been adopted and expanded in what is essentially a fifth edition. This new edition makes this book available to the entire construction industry.

This book provides examples of checklists that engineers can use as auxiliary memoires and as records of essential items checked. However, these check lists must be used consciously. Since it is impossible to give examples of every type of check list, it is recommended that a review be made before the start of each major work phase to determine what is available and to create a custom-made list to cover short comings. in technical journals such as “The Building Engineer “published by ABE, Good examples are published from time to time.

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