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Smart Building

Smart building can be many things, but simply defined, a smart building is one that uses building technology systems to enable better services and building operations for occupants and management. The driver for smart building is integrated systems, energy savings, improved system functionality, and positive financial benefits from the continuous evolution of technology.

The head wind for smart building is the inertia of people trying to move beyond the legacy of building design, construction, and operation. However, processes like Building Information Modeling and the movement toward energy-efficient, sustainable buildings are beginning to change that.

About the Book

Technology has always influenced the buildings we build and will continue to do so. However, 25-30 years ago, the amount of technology in buildings was negligible. Public telecommunications providers in stalled services in buildings, mechanical contractors in stalled pneumatic control systems for heating, cooling, and ventilation systems, and there may have been word processing systems. While we have come a long way since then, the full implementation and integration of technology systems in to buildings is still in its infancy.

Soon buildings will be filled with technology. Sensors will be embedded in walls and ceilings to measure every aspect of building performance and use. Software tools will be used to automatically optimize building systems without human intervention, providing occupants and building managers with real-time information about the building relevant to their specific needs. Buildings will be fully interactive with the power grid, and geospatial location systems will be deployed on all building assets.

This book was written as a step toward finally realizing that vision. This book is a guide for architects, engineers, facility managers, developers, contractors, and design consultants to understand the many aspects necessary to implement integrated technology systems in buildings and to provide easy-to-understand information about smart building. The information contained herein reflects my personal experience and research, as well as what I have learned and heard from many of my colleagues.

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