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Steel Design For The Civil PE And Structural SE Exams 2nd Edition- For Free

Steel design

Steel design problems in PE and SE tests can be solved using either the load and resistance coefficient design (LRFD) method or the allowable strength design (ASD) method. You should plan to use the method that is best known to you. If you emphasize1 method in school class or you use1method on a daily basis at work, you should use that method in the exam.

The book covers both methods. The underlying principles of the two methods are explained and compared in Chap. 3. Throughout the book, wherever the LRFD and ASD methods use different equations for calculations, they are both given I explained.

A particularly useful feature of this book is that the example problem and the practice problem are not given separate LRFD and ASD solutions. Instead, a single solution is presented for each problem, and if the steps or calculations are different in 2 ways, 2 versions are displayed side by side.


The main purpose of this book is that Steel Design for Civil Engineering PE and Structural SE Exam is are search reference book for engineers and students who are preparing to take either the Civil Engineering PE exam or the Structural SE exam, both of which are given by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES).

These exams—even the broad section of the Civil PE exam, which is more common in its scope-often contain structural questions that go beyond the basics. If you want to be Pre pared for all questions of steel design, this book will give you the full review you need.

But anyone who wants to know more about the latest steel design methods can benefit from this book. It can serve as a guide for those who are studying on their own or as a text for a formal course.

After a brief review of some basics in the early chapters, each chapter explores the different aspects of steel design in more detail. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Load and load combination
  • Analysis methods
  • Design of beams, columns and girders
  • Member design under combined pressure
  • Design of composite materials
  • Bolted and welded connections

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