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Steel Detailers’ Manual 3rd Edition- for free


Structural steel has distinctive capabilities compared to other construction materials such as reinforced concrete, pre stressed concrete, wood, and brickwork. In most structures, they are used in combination with other materials, and their individual properties combine to form a whole.  For example, factory buildings are usually steel-framed, while foundations, ground floors, and suspended floors are made of reinforced concrete.

Reinforced concrete. The exterior of the walls is brick and the roof is covered with shaped steel plates. The overall stability of the building usually depends on the steel frame, but may be aided by the inherent stiffness of the floors and cladding. The structural design and detailing of the building must carefully consider this and take into account the sequence of construction and erection.

Here in the UK and in many foreign countries, steel’s market share in buildings and bridges continues to increase significantly. Design and construction engineers and architects continue to develop an appreciation for the impressive and awe-inspiring structures designed and built of steel. However, for the general public, who are seeing and marveling at these buildings and bridges for the first time, the creation, planning, and development of new steel structures is largely an unknown story.

The hours of work required to turn a sketch born of mental gymnastics into an elegant steel-framed work of art is rarely understood or even appreciated by the general public. But what is also not well understood is that the nature of steel-frame architecture has changed markedly. During this period, steel construction has changed from an industrial to a commercial use.

About the Book

This illustrated manual provides practical guidance on structural steel detailing. Contents:

  • Describes common structural shapes used and how they are joined to form members and complete structures.
  • Detailing Practices and Conventions.
  • Provides detailing data for standard cross-sections, bolts, and welds.
  • Emphasizes the importance of tolerances in achieving proper field fit.
  • Explains the important relationship between good detailing and construction cost.

Examples of structures include flat roofs, multi-story buildings, towers, and bridges. The details described are, in principle, suitable for fabrication and erection in many countries, and the sizes listed are a guide for preliminary design.

The third edition has been revised to take in to account the new Euro code for structural steelwork and its national annexes. The new edition also takes into account developments in 3D modeling technology and adds details of a CAD standards library.

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