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Structural Analysis 4th Edition- for free

Structural Analysis

Structural analysis is a prediction of the performance of a given structure under a given load and/or other external effects, such as support motion and temperature changes. Performance character is tics of general interest in the design of structures are (1) stress or stress results such as axial force, shear force, bending moment, (2) deflection, and (3) support reaction. Therefore, the analysis of structures usually involves the determination of these quantities caused by a given load condition. The purpose of this text is to present a method for the analysis of structures in static equilibrium.

This chapter provides a general introduction to the subject of structural analysis. First, give a brief historical background, including the name of a person who has an important job in the field. Next, the role of structural analysis in structural engineering projects is discussed. This paper describes five general types of structures: tensile and compression structures, truss, shear and bending structures. Finally, the development of a simplified model of the real structure for the purpose of the analysis is examined.


The purpose of this book is to deepen the understanding of the basic principles of structural analysis. Emphasizing the intuitive classical approach, structural analysis covers the analysis of statically determined and indeterminate beams, trusses, and rigid frames. And, the matrix analysis of the structure is also introduced.

The book is divided into 3 parts. The first part presents a general introduction to the subject of structural engineering. Attention to this important topic is generally lacking in many civil engineering curricula, so it contains chapters devoted entirely to the topic of load.

Chapters 3 through 10, Part2 describes the analysis of statically determined beams, trusses, and rigid frames. Since the chapters on deflection (chapters6 and 7) are placed before the line of impact (Chapters 8 and 9), the line of impact of deflection can be included in the latter chapter. This part also includes a chapter on the analysis of symmetric structures (Chapter 10). Part3 of the book, chapters11 to 18, covers the analysis of statically indeterminate structures. The book format is flexible, allowing instructors to highlight topics that match the course goals.

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