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Structural Design of Buildings- pdf for free


To understand the structural design of buildings, it is necessary to determine the age of the building and the techniques that may have been included in its construction and design during that period. For this reason, this first chapter briefly describes the structure and character is tics of buildings over the years, and Chapter3 expands on this and describes the structure in more detail.

Humans have been involved in building since the beginning of time, and it is noteworthy that many of the earliest structures are still extant. In the Neolithic period, the first structures were built around 6500-10200B.C. They may have been simple huts or bridges, but they still marked the beginning of the human quest for building construction.

Architecture continued to develop during the Mesopotamian, Ancient Greek, and Ancient Egyptian periods from 6000 BCto146 BC, and some of these structures, such as the pyramids, are an enduring legacy of ingenuity and understanding of architectural principles. Later, during the Roman period, from 753B.C. to 476 A.D., large-scale buildings became common. As technology and materials were better understood, more adventurous structures were constructed.

About the Book

This book describes some of the structural engineering principles in the design of homes and their various structural elements. Several structural theories are included in this book to illustrate and enhance the understanding of structural engineering principles. Structural calculations are also included to illustrate key points. The book is clearly illustrated with diagrams and photographs.

The theoretical concepts contained in this book are equally applicable to all building structures, whether commercial, traditional, or modern. To emphasize some of the issues raised, large examples such as castles and churches are used to clearly illustrate building science and technology.

From the outset of this book, it should be understood that structural experts’ advice should be sought before undertaking any alterations or when identifying structural defects or deficiencies.

While this book attempts to provide guidance for understanding building behavior and structure, it should not be taken as an exhaustive text.

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