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Structural Renovation in Concrete- for free


Buildings and infrastructure have become increasingly dilapidated in recent decades. This has created a demand for maintenance, repair and restoration of degraded structures globally. To meet needs, available knowledge and technology must be collected, organized, and communicated to engineers and practitioners. Concrete is the most widely used construction material in the world, with10 billion tonsconsumed annually worldwide.

Insufficient awareness of the problem of deterioration and failure to take appropriate remedial measures not only lead to waste of natural resources but also negatively impact the world economy. The maintenance, repair and renovation of concrete structures involves several broad issues, including technical, social and economical aspects, such as: B. Basic knowledge of materials and structures and a basic understanding of economics and sociology.

About the Book

This book will focus on the technical aspects. Maintenance, repair, and rehabilitation projects of concrete structures usually require knowledge and expertise in the areas of structural materials, repair materials, structural testing, material testing, and repair and strengthening techniques from a materials and structural perspective. To the authors’ knowledge, a book systematically covering all these issues is currently not available. This book can be considered a first attempt to fill such a void.

The book is divided into six chapters. Chapter 1 provides a brief introduction to retrofit engineering. Chapter 2 discusses the causes of deterioration of concrete structures, including durability issues and disaster factors. Chapter 3 discusses inspection techniques, including destructive and non destructive methods. Chapter 4 focuses on conventional repair and reinforcement methods, including crack repair. Chapter 5 addresses the application of glass fiber-reinforced plastic members to bridge deck repair and introduces the basic mechanics essential to the analysis and design of the members. Chapter 6 provides an update on strengthening concrete structures with fiber-reinforced polymers.

The book is designed and written primarily to meet the educational needs of advanced-level undergraduate students and beginning-level graduate students. It is also useful as a reference and guide for professional engineers in practice.

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