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Surveying for Civil and Mine Engineers- for free


During the past 10 years of teaching the Civil Drafting and Surveying, Mine Surveying and GIS units, I have received a great deal of feedback from Curtin University civil and mining engineering students and staff.

In particular, Tony Snow, who has taught the Engineering Surveying and Mining unit, provided some of the lecture material and contributed to the content of this book.

About the Book

The structure of this book provides a series of theory, workshop, and field practice sessions for civil and mining engineers that simulate a simple survey project. The format of this book is based on years of experience in organizing this course at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The course is designed to guide engineers through the surveying tasks that the engineering industry feels are necessary for students to demonstrate competency in surveying techniques such as data collection and reduction and report presentation.

This course is not designed to turn engineers into surveyors, but to help them understand the work of surveyors in civil and mining engineering. While there are many excellent textbooks on the subject of civil surveying, they are aimed at surveyors, not engineers.

It is hoped that this book will extract much from the standard textbooks. This book is intended to show what techniques lie behind the surveyor’s repertoire of observational and computational skills and to understand what decisions have been made with respect to the presentation of results. The course runs for approximately six weeks over the course of one semester and is designed to provide a complementary half-credit computer-aided design (CAD)-based design project. The following is an example of a typical course structure.

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