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Surveying I Chandra Assorted- pdf for free


Geodetic surveying is the determination of the horizontal and vertical position of coordinate points over a wide area using geodetic methods. Land surveying is the determination of the boundaries and area of a tract of land. Land surveying determines the boundaries and areas of land parcels and is also called property surveying, boundary surveying, and occidental surveying.

Urban surveying is for urban planning purposes. An urban survey is for urban planning purposes. It is necessary for building layout, roads, street signs, etc.

Topographic surveys are used to describe the topography of an area. It includes natural land forms such as hills, rib CIS, and forests, as well as machine-made land forms such as towns, villages, buildings, roads, power lines, and canals.

Engineering surveys are specifically for engineering purposes. They are intended to collect data necessary for the planning, design, and execution of engineering projects, such as the design of roads, bridges, dams, and transmission lines. Further divisions include reconnaissance surveys, feasibility studies, and location surveys.

About the Book

This book is a step-by-step, easy-to-understand guide to the various principles, methods, and equipment involved in land surveying. Modern methods and techniques are emphasized throughout the text. After presenting basic concepts and definitions, errors and their propagation in surveying are explained.

Survey measurements are then discussed in detail. These include horizontal distance, vertical distance, slope, elevation, angle, and direction. The next section focuses on measurements made using stadiometry, followed by a discussion of contour surveying and the use of contour lines in civil engineering projects. Next, traverses will be described, followed by a detailed discussion of map making by planimetric tabling.

The use of tangent clinometers in planimetric map making is also focused on. The last chapter covers various types of curves and the various field problems involved in setting curves. Appropriate diagrams, examples, and exercises are included throughout the book.

This book will serve as an excellent text for civil engineering degree candi dates and graduates. Dr. A.M. Chandra is currently Professor, Depart men to f Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee (formerly RoorkeeUniversity), Civil Engineering,1969; Surveying and Photogrammetry,1971; Ph.Hejoined the Department of Civil Engineering, Roorkee University in 1975.

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