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Surveying principles and applications- for free


The concept of surveying has existed ever since humans stopped hunting and gathering and began to spend extended periods of time in a single area, where they engaged in a variety of agricultural activities.

Early land ownership practices required some mechanism to mark (and, if necessary, re-mark) the boundaries of individual land owners, thus reducing disputes over landowner ship. Because many of the early settlements were located near water, and shorelines changed over time due to flooding and other natural phenomena, ongoing surveys were necessary to re-mark boundaries.

About the Book

This book has been shortened and streamlined from17 to14 chapters in response to the advice of reviewers and teachers who have adopted this book for their classes.

  • Optical theodolites, total stations, and total station applications are summarized in Chapter 5.
  • Extensively revised Chapters7 “Satellite Positioning Systems, “9” Geographic Information Systems, “and11” Remote Sensing.
  • The description of hydrographic surveying was shortened and included at the end of Chapter 8, “Topographic Surveying.”
  • Chapter 13, “Engineering Surveying, “was revised to combine engineering work into one chapter.
  • Chapter 14, “Land Surveying, “was rewritten to reflect the knowledge and experience of co-author Tom Mastin.

In addition, all chapters were carefully reviewed and updated to include the latest technological advances. New end-of-chapter questions have been added, and end-of-chapter questions have been expanded and updated. The websites listed in some chapters and Appendix Ewere also updated and expanded.

Finally, the book introduces Tom B. Mast in of the California In statute of Technology as a co-author. Tom has many years of experience in academic, land surveying, and engineering surveying and is the best resource for the team preparing this text.

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