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The Book of Secret Wisdom: The Prophetic Record of Human Destiny and Evolution- for free


The Book of Secret Wisdom. Many of the back pages of the Great Book were revealed to the humans of Atlantis. They knew more than anyone else. For many secrets surrounding nature were confided to them. And their best representatives earned the right to look outside their field of vision and revealed the unseen life.

But the Atlanteans did not accept the heart as the organ to which the intellect should be subordinated. And they disappeared from the stage of life without ever learning the simple truth: “Knowledge without love is death. “Thus, in their pride, people deprived themselves of the secret wisdom and gradually forgot its primitive universal language. Never the less, great initiates remained in every country and land, holding the ancient wisdom as a sacred trust.

The only source of truth nourishes the tree of knowledge, extending its roots into an infinite eternity. In each cycle of human evolution, it bears good fruit in the form of great books. And every book of this kind grows like a tree and bears its own fruit for the good of the whole world.

At the dawn of mankind’s conscious evolution, some18million years ago, the Sons of Light brought the fiery teachings of Kalachakra from the distant worlds as a gift to the people of Lemuria, sowing the first seeds of all religions existing on earth. New pages of knowledge we reopened in Senzar, the only universal language of the sun, inviting people to delve further into the enlightened book of knowledge. Thus each sub sequent age sought to reveal the secret pages of universal knowledge, there by bringing the progress of human consciousness full circle.

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