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The Curse of God Why I Left Islam- pdf for free


When it comes to Islam and Muslims, both the left and the right are wrong. For many on the left, criticism of Islam is seen as bigotry against all Muslims; for many on the right, problematic aspects of Islamic doctrine are the beliefs of all Muslims.

Both sides are making an important mistake. That is, they confuse “Islam,” which is a set of ideas, with “Muslims,” who are flesh and blood human beings. It is possible to object to and criticize Islam because ideas and books have no rights or protections. It is possible to challenge and criticize Islam because human beings do have rights and protections. Challenging ideas moves society forward. Demonizing people tears society apart.

About the Book

This book is a critical analysis of religion in general and Islam in particular. It addresses some of the common misconceptions about Islam held by both Muslims and non-Muslims. The book begins with a small introduction as to why the author is a former Muslim and why he decided to write this book.

The first chapter addresses the importance of critical sense over common sense and how we should always invoke critical thinking when looking at the world around us. The book also addresses the debate about God and the arguments a gains this existence. It discusses the importance of God in maintaining the morality of society and the spiritual well-being of humanity. It also discusses the baggage that comes with religion, making our only life on this earth joyless and joyless.

He further discusses the scientific flaws in the Koran, arguing that it looks more like a book written by a 7th century Arab general than the creator of billions of galaxies. He discusses the grave and subtle subject of the character of Allah (the God of Islam) and Muhammad in light of the Koran, the Hadith (a collection of quotes from Muhammad), and Muhammad’s biography. The book also details Muhammad’s wives and violence. In the final section of the book, the author discusses the rise of Islamism in the Western world and its dangers.

Finally, he educates the reader on how to argue with religious advocates and the arguments and techniques they often use. This book is a very interesting read on Islam from the perspective of an ex-Muslim and is the best guide to learning Islam.

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