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The Element Encyclopedia of Secret Societies and Hidden History- for free

Secret Societies

Since the 1960s, when alternative visions first invaded the cultural main stream of the Western world, the hidden history of the world has been at the heart of a storm of flurry of uncertainty. What was the true origin of Christianity, Freemasonry, or the French Revolution? Do secret societies actually rule the world, and if so, what are they going to do with it?

Does the hand hidden behind history belong to bankers cartels, Gnostic secret societies, the Catholic Church, the benevolent masters of the Great White Lodge, alien reptiles from different dimensions, or Satan himself? You can look at 5books and documentaries on this subject and count on at least 6 mutually contradictory answers.

The errors of facts and disinformation are often traced to their origin and useful information unearthed from unexpected sources. This can all be done, but so far there are few things that have not been done. The Element Encyclopedia of Secret Societies is the alphabet’s guide to this shadowy aspect of history, and it too often tries to sort out facts from the fictions, falsifications, and fantasies that surround the subject.

About the Book

Part of the “Encyclopedia of Elements” series, this is an alternative history A-Z. It will help you discover everything you want to know about secret societies: free masons, the historical mysteries of Atlantis, why King Arthur, Leonardo da Vinci and Hitler are key figures, conspiracy theories, forgotten science and ancient wisdom.

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