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The Rise of Modern Philosophy- for free


The decade beginning in 1511 can be described as the height of the Renaissance. In the Vatican, Raphael painted frescoes on the walls of the papal apartments and Michelangelo covered the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel with paintings. In Florence, the Medici family, exiled since the time of the reformer Savonarola, returned to power and patronage. Niccolò Machiavelli, one of the leaders of the old republic, was placed under house arrest and used his leisure time to write his famous work of political philosophy, The Prince.

About the Book

A fascinating new two-volume history of Western philosophy by Sir Anthony Kenny, The Rise of Modern Philosophy captures the fascinating story of the emergence of the great ideas and intellectual systems that shaped modern thought from the early 16th to the early 19th centuries.

Kenny introduces us to some of the world’s most original and influential thinkers and helps us understand their famous works. These great figures include René Descartes, traditionally regarded as the founder of modern philosophy; the great English philosophers Hobbes, Locke, Hume, Spinoza, Liebnitz, Hegel, and other continental thinkers; and Immanuel Kant, who, perhaps more than any other, shaped philosophy as we know it today.

Kenny begins with a chronological account of modern philosophy. His lively and accessible narrative brings the philosophers to life and fills in the historical and intellectual context of their work. This is an excellent first book for anyone new to this wonderfully creative period.

Kenny then takes a closer look at each of the major areas of philosophical inquiry of the period: knowledge and understanding, the nature of the physical universe, metaphysics (the most fundamental questions of existence), mind and soul, the nature and content of morality, political philosophy, and God.

The book also contains many fascinating and beautiful illustrations that evoke the human and social aspects of philosophy. Anyone interested in the evolution of modern thought will find this book a treasure.

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