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Total Construction Project Management- For Free

Project Management

Construction project management can be defined as the direction, control, and supervision of a project from the initial stages to completion. The ultimate goal of construction project management is to fully meet the client’s requirements as a functionally and budget feasible project.

About construction project management. It is only natural that one must master the basic techniques applicable to their field of expertise before they can be effectively applied to the total management of construction projects.

The word “total” in the title of this book refers to the application of construction management practices within the context of an integrated system. For a construction project to be successful, the techniques presented here must be applied throughout the life of the construction project. Construction project managers must take comprehensive construction project management seriously. Superficial utilization will not achieve the goals of effective construction project management.


The purpose of this book is to focus on the spiritual aspects of construction management rather than the technical aspects. A review of the literature on construction management reveals few, if any, books dedicated to the day-to-day management of construction projects. With the possible exception of computers, construction management is relatively unrelated to technology. In fact, developing skills in construction management and technology are two independent but parallel paths to total construction management.

The content of this book is general enough to allow the reader to adapt to diverse aspects of the construction environment.

The management techniques described in this book may call for learning new skills, techniques, and styles and changing mindsets derived from past practices. These are intended to provide construction managers with essential tools to survive and thrive in a competitive environment. No manager, sports coach, or business person has ever succeeded without tapping in to the basics for his or her team.

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