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 Trimble Survey Controller User Guide- for free


Welcome to the Controller Trimble System. This system is the result of Trimble’s ongoing commitment to producing the best surveying products available. This system is Trimble Survey Controller version 10.0 software runs on the Trimble System Controller platform, a TSCe™ data collector, survey more efficiently than ever before.

Trimble Survey Controller software simplifies surveying by configuring and controlling receivers for GPS surveys and communicating with conventional equipment for traditional surveys.

Trimble Survey Controller software makes surveying faster and more efficient. The best way to learn this software is to take it outinthe field and familiarize yourself with the screen and keypad by pressing different keys, looking at menus, and using the online help.

About the Book

This is a complete reference guide that explains the operation of all TM Survey Controller features. This is a complete reference guide that explains how to operate all of the features of the Trimble Survey Controller.

If you have had little or no exposure to surveying using Global Positioning System (GPS) products, an explanation of the basic concepts is invaluable in learning and understanding the issues critical to successful GPS surveying.

If you also use conventional surveying equipment, Trimble Survey Controller software allows you to combine conventional and GPS observations in the same operation. TM Survey Controller software works with all major brands of conventional surveying equipment, including Trimble’s own conventional total stations.

Even if you have used other Global Positioning System (GPS) products, we recommend that you spend some time reading this manual to learn about the special features of this product.

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