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Building Materials Properties Performance and Applications- for free

Building Materials

Building materials are any materials used for construction purposes. Apart from materials found in nature, many man-made products are also used. The manufacture of building materials is an established industry in many countries, and the use of these materials is usually classified into certain specialized trades, such as carpentry, plumbing, roofing, and insulation.

Synthetic foams as building-materials were studied. In relation to the “pre-mold” method, various manufacturing parameters contributing to the composition of synthetic foams were identified and interrelated. Equations based on the lattice unit cell model using the concept of minimum microsphere-to-microsphere distance were derived for the relationship between the volume expansion rate of bulk microspheres in aqueous starch and microsphere size, and were successfully used to predict experimental data.

A simple method for estimating foam density prior to completion of production was proposed. Shrinkage of synthetic foam precursors was discussed in relation to different stages: slurry, dough, and solids. The “post-molding” buoyancy method of mixing starch particles and ceramic hollow microspheres in water was discussed in relation to composition and properties.

About the Book

This new book presents a variety of studies on issues facing the building industry today. Research on the use of synthetic foams as building-materials is presented. Acoustic performance of building-materials with respect to thermal insulation is also analyzed. Other topics include the performance of building stone materials with respect to salt weathering, the behavior of building materials exposed to fire, the problem of microbial invasion into building-materials, and studies to develop a series of experimental methods to determine the moisture transport and storage properties of building materials.

A general methodology is proposed and validated to predict the long-term performance (both mechanical properties and durability) of concrete with recycled aggregate using the corresponding performance of an equivalent conventional concrete (reference concrete). The methodology employed includes an international literature review and a summary of experimental campaigns monitored/supervised by the authors.

The methodology allows early estimation of the properties of concrete using recycled aggregate based on the aggregate mix and the properties of the young concrete, and can be used by both structural designers and contractors, effectively removing barriers to the widespread use of this material.

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