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Ac Electrical Circuit Analysis A practical Approach- for free

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Welcome to AC Electrical Circuit Analysis, an Open Educational Resource (OER). The purpose of this text is to introduce you to the theory and practical applications of AC electrical circuit analysis. It is assumed that you are familiar with DC circuit analysis. If you have not studied DC circuit analysis before, we strongly recommend that you read the OER text, DC Electrical Circuit Analysis, first. Both texts are provided free of charge under a Creative Commons non-commercial, share-a like license with attribution. For your convenience, in addition to the free pdf and odt files, print versions are available for a nominal fee. Seemy website for links.

This text is based on the previously published Workbook for AC Electrical Circuits. For the convenience of those who have used the Workbook, many of the exercises are the same, but the chapters have been re arranged slightly.

For those already familiar with DC Electrical Circuit Analysis, the format of this title is similar. It begins with concepts of alternating current such as sinusoidal waveforms, basic Fourier decomposition of complex wave forms, and complex numbers. Reactance and impedance are also introduced along with phase diagrams. Chapters on series, parallel, and series-parallel RLC circuits begin.

Following these, network theorems are discussed for the AC case, along with nodal and mesh analysis. The text is completed by chapters on ac power, resonance, and an introduction to multiphase systems and magnetic circuits.

About the Book

Each chapter begins with learning objectives and concludes with exercises that are divided into four major categories: Analysis, Design, Challenge, and Simulation. A number of SPICE-based circuit simulators, both free and paid, are available for use with this text. Answers to most odd-numbered exercises can be found in the Appendix. A table of standard resistor sizes is also in the appendix and is useful for actual design problems. If you have any questions about this work book or are interested in contributing to this project, please do not hesitate to contact me.

This text is part of a series of OER titles in the areas of electrical, electronics, audio, and computer programming. It includes three other texts dealing with semiconductor devices, operational amplifiers, and embedded programming in C using the Arduino platform. There is also a text dealing with DC electrical circuits similar to this book, and a seven-volume laboratory manual, one for each of the five texts, plus individual titles dealing with computer programming using the Python language and sound science.

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