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AC Electric Motors Control Advanced Design Techniques and Applications- free


The complexity of AC motor control lies in the multivariable and nonlinear nature of AC machine dynamics. Recent advancements in control theory now make it possible to deal with long-standing problems in AC motors control. This text expertly draws on these developments to apply a wide range of model-based control design methods to a variety of AC motors.

The last two decades have witnessed the grand development of power electronics and microprocessor technology. With these developments, advanced power converters and digital signal processors (DSPs) are available, and high-performance AC drives are used in a wide range of applications. To fully realize this goal, we should benefit as much as possible from the consider able advances made in the field of control theory.

About the Book

The book is intended for a wide range of readers, including researchers in academia and industry, graduate students and their professors, engineers and practitioners. It contains many aspects of the theory, but never the less it is possible to use the method without necessarily understanding every single detail of the theory.

It would also be useful for new entrants to study in the field of AC motor control. For students and newcomers, the main prerequisites are undergraduate courses on linear and nonlinear system control, electromechanical, and power electronics. Each chapter contains an introduction and an individualist of references, and the different chapters are written in dependently of each other to make it easier to read.

I am grateful to my colleagues around the world for their tremensdous contribution to this research, bringing together considerable knowledge from a wide range of aspects of the field of research. I am particularly honored to offer this collective work that has a risen from their contributions. Marc Bods on and Vincent van Assche not only contributed directly through the coauthored chapter, but also contributed in other ways, such as Marc reading and correcting parts of the manuscript, and Vin centre-entering parts in Late x to edit the entire manuscript.

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