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AC Motor Control and Electrical Vehicle Applications Second Edition- for free


AC Motor Control and Electrical Vehicle Applications provides a guide to the control of AC motors with a focus on its application to electric vehicles (EV). It describes the rotating magnetic flux, based on which dynamic equations are derived. The text not only deals with the induction motor, but covers the permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM).

Additionally, the control issues are discussed by taking into account the limitations of voltage and current. The latest edition includes more experimental data and expands upon the topics of inverter, pulse width modulation methods, loss minimizing control, and vehicle dynamics. Various EV motor design issues are also reviewed, while comparing typical types of PMSMS.

About the Book

This book focuses on understanding the relationship between voltage and current in the rotating frame as a basis for understanding the principles of AC rotating machines. The book first focuses on explaining how the rotating magnetic field is synthesized by the three-phase windings. It also emphasizes the advantages of coordinate transformations in dynamic modeling of AC motors. For example, a number of mathematical tools are utilized to show how voltage and current limits affect torque maximization. Loss minimization and sensor less control are also covered.

The second part of the book addresses many issues related to EV motor design and manufacturing. In Chapters11 and 12, motor design methods are proposed based on requirements for power, torque, and power density under voltage and current limits. In addition, experimental procedures and inverter programming techniques are presented that provide optimal current control strategies under varying (battery) voltage conditions. The final part presents the fundamentals of vehicle dynamics and EV power trains, including methods for calculating vehicle range and efficiency.

This book is intended to provide students interested in learning about electric power trains with a combined body of knowledge and problems. Therefore, it attempts to take an integrated approach, covering control, signal processing, electromagnetics, power electronics, material properties, vehicle dynamics

characteristics, and vehicle dynamics. It also discusses a number of control issues that lead to ongoing research.

Finally, the author would like to thank his family for their support and encouragement. I also thank Jongwon Choi,  Yoonjae Kim, Bonkil Koo, Jeonghun Lee, Minhyeok Lee, Taeyeon Lee,PoorumJang, and Heekwang Lee for providing many solutions, simulation results, and interesting discussions

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