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Building Systems for Interior Designers- for free

Building Systems

The inspiration for building a system for interior designers is that without proper textbooks, buildings support our activities and physical needs. I needed an approach that supported the special concerns of interior designers and linked those issues to other work in the building design team. I had studied building systems with a few excellent texts aimed at students in architecture, engineering and even hospitality management, but found that none of those texts taught the necessary combination of relevant subjects at the proper depth without emphasis on calculations and formulas.

Interior design has a relatively short history as a profession that requires special training and requires technical expertise. Over the past half century, design professionals have evolved from decorators working primarily in private residences to critical contributors in the design of commercial and residential buildings. It is expected to apply the Building Standards Act and work closely with engineers and architects. To do this, you need to understand what other members of the design team have to say, how they approach the design process and how they document their work.

About the Book

Building systems for interior designers is primarily intended as a textbook for interior design students. This style strives for clarity, concepts are briefly explained and delivered in everyday language. Sufficient technical information is provided to support a complete understanding of how the building works. The illustrations are rich and designed to convey information clearly and visually. As I wrote and explained this text, I have kept in mind a lot of students, where English is a second language, and a common technophobe among us. The special “Designer tips featured in the book are. Look for this icon to find helpful expert advice on a wide range of topics.

Building systems for interior designers, in other areas such as some lighting, such as heating and air conditioning systems, which are rarely included in other parts of the interior designer’s education, typically have entire courses dedicated to them and are given less complete treatment here. Some topics, such as acoustics and fire safety, are inextricably linked to the work of the interior designer, but there are also such topics as transportation. The system can involve the interior designer less directly or completely absent in some projects.

The text assumes that the reader has basic knowledge of the design and construction of buildings, but there is no special training in physics or mathematics. I’ve been trying to cover all the relevant systems in the building deep enough to provide readers with a general understanding, while avoiding there petition of the material that is most likely covered by other courses and texts.

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