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Essentials Of The Mechanics Of Materials (MOM) 2nd Edition- for free


Mechanics of Materials (MOM) is a leading 2nd grade/junior level course for many engineering majors including civil engineering, mechanical, aerospace, biomedical, mining and optical engineering. It is usually offered as a three-credit course over one period semester…In my many years of experience teaching many courses related to mom and mom, I have found that some of the most popular mom books relate to the following disadvantages in relation to student learning.

  • They provide only limited resources to students who need further assistance in understanding the material. For example, if the student cannot understand certain concepts or chapters, even after going to class and studying textbooks.

The only option is to visit an instructor, or an external tutoring, both which is often difficult or inconvenient. Some books that offer supplements, such as video and web-based AIDS, require students to “break away” from the book and visit relevant resources without having to connect directly to the book material.

  • Individual classroom lectures do not correspond in detail to specific sections or chapters of the textbook. Therefore, students who do not understand the material during class often find it difficult to identify which section of the book what should be covered and studied.

About the Book

The book is available in either electronic or print versions and is available:

  • Clearly identified materials are divided into in dividual research modules.
  • Individual study modules corresponding to specific class lectures and weekly course materials.
  • A printed version of the book, which is intended for (a) a student to study at his/her own schedule and pace; (b) a student to bring classes so that the instructor’s correspondence to education can be identified in a live manner; (c) Take additional notes while the instructor presents the material and/or take notes. Students to high light the material in the print edition.
  • In addition to being continuously available on the student’s laptop, it allows (a) students to better understand material and interact with interactive things, movies, and other electronic devices.

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