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Make Electronics Learning Through Discovery 2nd Edition- for free


Everyone uses electronic devices, but most people don’t really know what’s going on inside them. They may think they don’t need to know. Why do we need to learn about electricity and electronics when we can drive a car without understanding how the internal combustion engine works?

I think there are three reasons:

  • Learning how technology works allows you to control your world instead of being controlled by it. You will be able to control your world instead of being controlled by technology.
  • Learning electronics can be fun, as long as you approach it the right way. It is also very affordable.
  • Knowledge of electronics can make you a more valuable employee or even lead to a whole new career.

About the Book

All text in the first edition of this book has been rewritten, and most photographs and schematics have been replaced. To reduce the risk of wiring errors, single-bus bread boards were used throughout (as in “Make: More Electronics”). This change required some reworking of the circuit, but it was worth it. Instead of pictures of the bread board-based circuits, we now use diagrams showing the placement of the components. The diagrams are easier to understand.

The internal diagram of the bread board connections has been redrawn to match the above revisions. New photos of tools and supplies are included. For smaller items, a ruled back ground has been used to indicate the scale. Wherever possible, less expensive parts have been substituted. We also narrowed the scope of what needed to be purchased. One experiment was completely revised:

  • Nice Dice projects that used LS Series 74xx chips in the first edition now use 74HCxx chips to match the rest of this book and modern usage.
  • Projects using unijunction transistors have been replaced with a stable multi vibrator circuits using two bipolar transistors.
  • The micro controller section recognized that the Arduino has become the most popular choice in the maker community.

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