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Wind Energy Conversion Systems Technology and Trends- for free

Wind Energy Conversion

Wind Energy Conversion Systems covers technological advances and potential future trends in wind energy conversion systems. Recently developed wind energy conversion systems such as multi-converter operation of variable speed wind turbines, lightning protection schemes, voltage flicker mitigation, and predictive schemes for advanced control of wind turbines are included.

About the Book

Variable speed wind turbine modeling and control strategies are discussed, along with frequency converter topologies suitable for grid integration. Wind energy conversion systems are discussed, including AC-and DC-based wind farm topologies as well as off shore farm technologies, including multi-terminal topologies and space-based wind observation schemes.

Wind farm stability and reliability are also discussed, and grid integration issues are examined in light of the latest industry guidelines. Particular focus is placed on smoothing wind generation, which is one of the major challenges for transmission system operators.

It also addresses fault ride-through and frequency variability mitigation using energy storage options. Efficiency analyses of various types of commercial wind turbine generator systems, large-scale wind turbines using super conducting materials, and the integration of offshore wind farms and ocean current power plants are presented. The chapters are written by leaders in the wind energy field, making Wind Energy Conversion Systems a valuable reference for wind energy researchers and students.

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